Making a Knot Title Page

Knot Page Layout

Another beautiful and fast title page is the Knot Page.

To create this, you will  need one sheet of double sided designer paper and one solid cardstock for the base.

How to create:

1.  Cut a ½ “ frame from the designer paper and tape to the outside edge of the solid cardstock.

2.  Cut a 1-1/2” frame from the same designer paper and adhere to the page, flipping over first to create a second border.

3.  This leaves an 8” square. Fold this diagonally. Start cutting at the fold 1” from the edge, stopping 2” from the corner.

Knot Page Instructions

4.  Flip over and repeat the cut on the other side.

5.  Fold a trimmed corners to ½” of the opposite corner and tape.  Repeat on the other side.

6. Now place and tape your “Knot” to the center of the page.


– Bev DeBono

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