How to Make a Bow Tie Border in 10 Minutes or Less

I love creating fast & fun scrapbook pages.  Here is one of my all-time favorites: the bow tie page.

You simply use mat scraps, make a few simple diagonal cuts, and voila!  You’ve created a fast & fun scrapbook page.

Below are my directions and sample pages. Enjoy! 

Directions for Bow Tie Border Page by Bev DeBono


Supplies Needed:

  • Pre-Cut Rectangles:  2 matching   4”x6”,   2 matching  3”x6”,  2 matching 2”x6”
  • Additional Paper Scraps to make 2 circles
  • One 12×12 Cardstock for Base
  • 12” Trimmer
  • Repositionable Tape
  • CCS with medium circle template, Red & blue blades
  • Pencil & Ruler


1.  Start with 2 of 4”x6” rectangles.  On short side, make pencil mark at 2” (Halfway point)

2.  Then position pencil mark and right edge on dotted line of your CM 12 inch trimmer and cut triangle. Repeat for left edge.

3.  Next use 2 of 3”x6” rectangles.  On short side, make pencil mark at 1-1/2 “. (Halfway point)   Repeat triangle cuts as above.

4.  Next use 2 of 2”x6” rectangles.  On short side, make pencil mark at 1”.  (Halfway point)  Repeat triangle cuts as above.

5.  Using your repo tape and wax paper as your back,  Use the biggest of the triangles and layer pieces.  Tape to cardstock.

6.  Optional:  Use leftover triangle pieces for the bottom edge. Tape to page.

7.  Using Medium Circle Template, cut 2 circles on the inside of the template.  Cut one circle using red blade, and one circle using blue blade.  Tape together.

The larger circle measures 2-1/2” and the smaller circle measures 2”.

8.  Decorate with titles or stickers.

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